Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Bearing Elements

Product Range

Our complete product program is available as download in PDF format. You may also ask for a free copy of our catalogue via Contact.

General Information on our Products

The following information is available as PDF.

Decades of experience and continuous development has lead to the HUNGER-DFE System of seals and bearing elements for hydraulics and pneumatics for both dynamic and static applications, which offers many advantages and which has already proven million times.

Detailed overview on our product program with short description and important technical data of the individual products.

Description, technical data, etc. about the sealing materials mainly used by us. Our application engineers will be pleased to assist you in the selection of materials and seals to meet your requirements.

Here you will find various application examples, desing hints, conversion tables, etc.

You require our assistance for your specific application case! Please fill in and return our Sealing Questionnaire. We will then provide you with a solution.